15th June School Bus update

June 16, 2020 at 4:56 pm

We are now following the revised procedures for passengers. Face Coverings are essential. Please see the Parents Notice issued on the 29th May.

Also this week a new Parents Notice has been released on 16th June. click on school bus services at the top of website. Details of the Discount for next year. Also a refund for year 10 & 12 passengers who will be leaving us to go to other colleges  or work. Bookings for the next academic year due to close on 30th June. This is 2 month later than usual. To allow new passengers and old a bit more time to decide if they wish to use the bus next year. Once the bus sizes are set there will be no opportunity to expand the service, other than if a few seats are spare depending on how the numbers fit.

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