Covid 19 – Half Term Holidays

April 5, 2020 at 8:41 pm

For the half term Holiday period our offices are closed down and vehicles all safely parked up. All our staff are self isolating away from anyone. This is to keep safe during this very difficult time. We will try to view Emails when we can, but some of our staff are still on lock-down for 12 weeks as they are in the at risk category.

Our office will reopen on the first day after the Half Term School Holidays. We have a rota of volunteers to drive on the Covid 19 Emergency Routes to take passengers to school. Be aware that times and routes may change to meet the requirements of schools. We anticipate increased numbers as Years 6, 10 & 12 start to gradually return to school in the first phase or re-opening.  You must be sure school expects you. You MUST also confirm you require a place on the bus. If you are using this special service then please remember to send a text each Sunday to confirm the days you need the bus for the next week. Texts MUST be sent before 2.00pm so we can then arrange a pick up list for the driver. Passengers are to get on the bus using the rear passenger door where possible and sit in the rear of the vehicle, well away from the driver. Use the Sanitizer Gel provided both when getting on and off the bus. Please sit in a double seat nearest to the window. Remain seated with the seat belt on and sit in the same seat for the return journey if possible.

Travelling on the bus we are doing all we can to keep children a safe distance apart and also keep a safe distance from the driver. We are aware that buses pose a specific problem being closed in and we ask everyone to do so in as safe a way as possible. Please brief your child on how to stay safe travelling to school. Parent must read the Parents Updates posted in the School Bus Clubs Section above.

We also thank all the many parents who are continuing to support us at this very difficult time. Without the ongoing support we could not continue to provide the service and would not survive this lock down. For those who are booking on for the next academic year you can be assured that your deposits are safe and if for any reason we are unable to continue all deposits for next year would be refunded. Next years deposits are secured and will only be used for next year. We have asked all current year passengers to ensure their account is up to date which is essential to our survival. We are doing all we can to be ready to start up again as and when we are able to do so. It is only with your continued support that the school bus will be able to survive. We are suffering massive losses and will need significant loans to make it through this crisis. You are reminded that bookings are still being taken for the next academic year and the guaranteed places are available until the 30th April. We then decide on the size of bus required and allocate it to a route.  After the 30th April we process applications in order of receipt and allocate places from the waiting lists. Anyone who is in default on the current years account will not be allocated a seat for next year. If you pay monthly and are unable to keep to your plan you must make an arrangement to pay smaller amounts over a longer period. We will not add any extra charges for making other arrangements to pay. This can be set up by email to

We may have to review the prices and routes for next year once we get to the end of the lock down. We will not know till then which coach companies have managed to survive and will need to re-asses costs and providers. It is our aim to keep to the original plan if at all possible.

Thank you for your support and please keep all your family safe. Stay inside and help save each other.

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