Covid 19 & School Bus Payments

March 24, 2020 at 10:39 am

During these very difficult times we are asking all people who are paying their annual contract by monthly payments to continue to pay and keep their account up to date. We are still taking children to school where emergency provisions are required for Key Workers. To do this we need everyones support. We also believe we may be required to do so even on days when the school would normally be closed for holidays. This is because Key Workers will still be required in thier roles and need child care they would not usually require.

We now have no work at all but still have to keep the vehicles maintained and available so that we can start up on day 1 when schools return to normal. The ongoing costs relating to insurance, finance, and standing overheads still have to be paid. To keep businesses in a position to re-start the Government has agreed to help us to pay wages at 80% which will be helpful. Without vehicles ready to go and drivers ready to work we would not be able to start back up again and would simply need to close down. We do not want this and neither do the majority of parents who rely on the service.

We have decided that anyone who defaults on payments for this years contract will not be offered a place on the bus for next year. Parents are asked to book on for next year so we can continue to plan for a start up and continued service going forward. At this stage we do not know if schools will start up again at any point during the current academic year. They may even decide to open on weeks when they would have been on holiday, say in August, so we have to be ready for any eventuality.

The total cost of the bus operation is only 60% funded by the morning and afternoon school run with the other daytime work covering the rest of the costs. Your contract payments will ensure we are able to open again as soon as schools re-open and things will quickly get back to the normal service we provide.

During this difficult time we ask you to continue to support your school bus and ask you to keep safe. Key Workers only can send children to school and you are strongly advised to only use this service if no other option is available. Children are at the highest level of risk on the school bus due to the closed in nature of travel. Passengers must use the Sanitiser Gel provided when getting on and off the bus.

If you are a key worker and have no option but to use the school child care provision, contact CTS office to be added to our key worker list.



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