Wakefield Grammar Schools Foundation

Passengers are issued with a travel pass for the current year and places are reserved on an annual basis. It is essential that every passenger shows their travel pass whenever boarding the bus or whenever they are asked to produce it by a member of the bus staff or CTS inspector. CCTV is in operation and ALL passengers MUST wear the Seat Belts provided.

Third Route Starts on 3rd December 2018 – We have secured some funding from school to reinstate the third route to Wakefield Grammar School Foundation. This is initially on a trial basis to run until Easter and if successful to the end of the current school year. The aim to reduce the travel times and enable us to arrive at school earlier. Also to reduce the journey times home for passengers who were on the last few stops of the routes home. The new timetable, SEE BELOW, will commence on the 3rd of December and we will monitor the times to see if any further amendments are required. Passengers who use stops on the new route will still need to produce their travel pass for the driver. We will collect the old passes and issue new ones via the driver during next week. The many sets of temporary road works that have also caused considerable delays are now complete on both the original routes and we hope that the journey times will now become more predictable with less delays.

Please click on the link to view or print or view the new timetable to QEGS and WGHS – WGSF Routes 2018-2019 from 23-01-19

Whenever we are anticipating severe weather we make provisions to change the service routes. Passengers should familiarise themselves with the procedures we may adopt in the case of early morning problems. On such days we may declare a Snow Day. When a snow day is declared the buses will run to the revised timetable detailed on the download below. The anticipated start time will be as stated. However a delayed start may be necessary if the conditions are expected to improve. If a delayed start is declared then text messages will be sent to advise of the revised start time. The vehicles will then run as per the Snow Day route but with the revised start time.
Please click on the link to view or print the arrangements for Snow Days. WGSF Routes 2018-2019 from 03-12-18 SNOW ROUTES